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Data World offers comprehensive and professional services with prominent regional presence to our customers, adding unique optimal benefits for their businesses. Our expertise also allows us to provide top level advice on complex business issues, enabling our clients to reach for greater heights and success.


Our comprehensive range of professional services includes Evaluation and Consultation, Business Process Reengineering, Customization, Implementation, Training, Support and Maintenance. In addition, we also offer IT Outsourcing Services, including security administration, infrastructure management system, network consultation, and administration services.

Evaluation and Consultation

Our professional team of consultants aims to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of our customers, putting forward the most effective solution for their business and infrastructure enhancements. 


  1. Identification of business and system requirements, optimizing the use of resources and budget
  2. Design of applications features based on requirements assessments and needs analysis, maximizing customers’ Return on Investment (ROI)
Business Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering is a new business management concept, enabling organizations to utilize the latest technologies to minimize costs, increase productivity and improve performance. Through in-depth examination, strategic systems are designed for our clients to reap lasting benefits.


To enhance the functionality of our solutions and match the unique needs of our customers, we will design and develop appropriate reports, forms, analysis tools and other add-on programs so that the solutions would perfectly suit clients’ process needs, thereby enhancing business agility.


  1. Add-on programs with existing system to improve operation processes
  2. Interface integration between divergent applications

Through best practices and proven methodologies, we assist our clients supervise and monitor every phase of a project from environment study, installation, setup to system integration and data conversion, accelerating project delivery and minimizing deployment time.


  1. End-to-end implementation to meet client’s overall business vision and measure them with the results, ensuring a quick Return On Investment (ROI)
  2. A "quick-start" implementation or "plan and deploy" multi-layered complex implementation which may be analyzed and managed for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Training, Support and Maintenance

We offer various types of training and coaching services to customers, together with a wide range of support service by means of phone, fax, email, remote access and on-site visits.


  1. Fast adoption of new releases and change in business processes is assured through our expertise in knowledge transfer and training
  2. Quick turnaround of service and change requests to ensure adaptation to dynamic business trends and environment
  3. Our maintenance and support services provide customers with access to expert advice, timely problem resolution and software updates, etc.
  4. We are always willing to develop an understanding of our clients’ goals, challenges, and environment, in order to support client’s objectives while
  5. resolving complex issues quickly.
IT Outsourcing

We have developed various IT outsourcing services that enable customers improve IT resources availability and user productivity, reduce costs and facilitate clients to a better focus on their core competence in today’s ever-challenging market.

Our range of IT outsourcing services include:


Security Administration

  1. Management of end-user account creation, permission levels, system access, password resets and account deletions


IT Infrastructure Management

  1. Availability management to improve productivity and user satisfaction
  2. IT Asset management, remote control, patch management, software distribution, fault and performance monitoring and management


System & Network Consultation and Administration

  1. Pro-active system health checks
  2. Routine account maintenance
  3. On-site / remote issue remediation
  4. Server / firewall / mail system / DNS / database / proxy/VPN - installation, configuration and inspection
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