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Sage X3

Sage X3 Solutions

Sage X3 offers powerful functionality that can be configured to meet your unique way of doing business.


Its flexible data model supports complex organizational deployment and reporting structures, simplifying management across multiple facilities, companies or business units, regions and countries from a common installed instance of the solution.


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Sage X3 Benefits

Get more done, faster

Increase user productivity and accelerate adoption with an intuitive web user interface that users can easily personalize to work the way they do.


Go where your business takes you

Access your data on mobile devices, check your inventory, take customer orders, approve purchases, and view key performance indicators (KPIs) on the go.


Take back control over your processes

Eliminate inefficiencies, ensure compliance, and streamline operations with end-to-end integration of your business processes to control costs and improve profits.


Get the insight you need, when you need it

Evaluate risks and monitor performance in real-time with user dashboards, self-service business intelligence, and reporting tools.


Serve your customers better

Accelerate issue resolution and increase employee responsiveness with faster and simpler access to the information they need.


Expand to new markets or geographies

Increase capacity, implement new processes, manage new business units, or expand to new geographies with a flexible business management solution designed for growth and international trade.

Sage X3 Applications
Financial Management

Reduce costs and boost productivity with fast, integrated accounting and financial management software.


Sage X3 addresses complex finance and accounting management needs by equipping your business with flexible tools to improve financial reporting and compliance while gaining valuable insight into your business. The accounting and financial features of Sage X3 offer an end-to-end financial management solution, and addresses major functional domains including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Budgets, Commitments, Cash and Bank Management and Cost Accounting and Dimensions.


Sage X3 Accounting and Finance enables your business to:

  1. Make confident business decisions based on accurate, comprehensive financial information
  2. Easily manage global accounting operations and configure for country-specific localization
  3. Accelerate financial processes including quotes to cash, collections and closes
  4. Proactively manage risks and compliance; improve visibility, transparency and accountability
Purchasing Management

Maximize efficiency throughout your supply chain from forecasting to shop floor to completion and delivery.


The purchasing management capabilities of Sage X3 covers the supply chain process from end-to-end including purchase planning, ordering, delivery, scheduling and receiving. Access the latest information about business partners and products, as well as, leverage the embedded analytical tools to monitor exchanges with suppliers to meet the main objectives of your purchasing department such as quality assurance, compliance with delivery dates, and purchase cost. Additionally, integrated purchasing management features of Sage X3 automatically connect into the accounting system through preliminary and firm commitments. This provides operational budget control from purchase requests to the issue of orders, and actual data is integrated automatically through management of invoices receivable and definitive invoices.


Purchasing Management is part of the distribution functionality within Sage X3, which also includes Sales Management, and Inventory and Warehouse Management. Sage X3 addresses the needs of your organization out of the box, including:

  1. Supplier and Category Management
  2. Pricing and Discounts
  3. Purchase Delivery and Scheduling
  4. Purchase Requests
  5. Request for Proposal
  6. Purchase Orders
  7. Subcontracting
  8. Bid Management
  9. Multi-Level Signature Management
Inventory and Warehouse Management

Incorporate real-time inventory monitoring and powerful quality control capabilities


Sage X3 offers fully integrated inventory and warehouse management functionality to ensure real-time monitoring of your company's inventory and warehouse assets. Inventory control is fully user-definable on each site with the application of the multisite, multi-warehouse and multi-location management. The inventory and warehouse management capabilities of Sage X3 also incorporates some powerful quality control functions, also providing for total traceability of inventory quantities in real time, both upstream and downstream, by material flow management.


Sage Inventory Advisor is a cloud solution that helps companies reduce excess inventory and working capital, while eliminating stock-outs. It connects to Sage ERP data to deliver real-time health-check on the inventory that makes a difference to the bottom line, reduce the time spent on forecasts, and resolve the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates. A cost-effective web and mobile solution, Sage Inventory Advisor is easy to use and slashes time spent on forecasts.

  1. Reduce excess inventory
  2. Reduce inventory investments
  3. Improve forecast
Sales Management

Equip your business with the ability to easily manage all aspects of sales workflow


Sage X3 enables your organization to monitor all sales information concerning customers or prospects, manage sales force assignment, and monitor corresponding targets and commissions. Additionally, the sales capabilities of Sage X3 provide a quick look at information concerning products, price lists, discounts, or carriers, among others.

Utilizing the sales management capabilities, Sage Enterprise Management equips your business to issue customer quotations, book orders and transmit order acknowledgements, manage contracts, display and allocate goods from stock, and manage the dispatch and loan of goods prior to invoicing.


Sales Management is part of the distribution functionality within Sage Enterprise Management, which also includes Purchasing Management, and Inventory and Warehouse Management.


The main features of Sage X3 Sales Management include:

  1. Order Entry
  2. Quotes and Contracts
  3. Invoicing Reminders
  4. Pricing and Discounts
  5. Inventory Inquiry and Allocations
  6. Delivery and Shipping
  7. Sales Commissions
  8. Loans
  9. Customer Returns
  10. Credit Checking
  11. Inter-Company and Inter-site Sales
Customer Service

Take better care of your customers and your bottom line


Enhance your customer support, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales with the integrated Customer Service capabilities of Sage Enterprise Management. When used in association with the sales management function, Sage X3 Customer Service software enables your organization to improve management of customer relations, organize marketing campaigns, manage telemarketing and direct mail efforts and setup trade shows and press events.


This Customer Service software can be used by the sales force on a daily basis to monitor jobs and organize tasks (customer job monitoring, management of incoming and outgoing calls, tasks, meetings, and contacts), and is used in particular for comprehensive management of equipment populations and customer service operations.

Sage X3 Customer Service is designed from the start as a fully integrated component of Sage Enterprise Management. The sales support functions are linked directly to Sage Enterprise Management Sales features, such as quotation management and sales order entry, saving significant entry time and fostering an error-free environment.


Features of Sage X3 Customer Service include:

  1. Customer Campaign Management
  2. Contract Management
  3. Sales Force Automation
  4. Customer Support
  5. Marketing Sales and After Sales Workbench


In addition to the built-in Customer Service functionality from Sage Enterprise Management, Sage offers Sage CRM. Sage CRM manages every element of customer relationship management – from finding leads to managing marketing campaigns to delivering excellent customer service.

Manufacturing Management

Optimize operations, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction


Sage X3 supports all of the planning, scheduling and production control activities for either process or discrete manufacturing, and adapts to different manufacturing modes, including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments. It provides broad support for all of your planning, scheduling and production control activities, yet flexibly adapts to your diverse manufacturing modes.


For discrete manufacturers, Sage X3 Manufacturing Management offers a choice of production management methods—by job, order, or inventory. It also enables the monitoring of stock quantities, a management control function with calculation of forecast and actual costs, a finite capacity production scheduling function, a planning function incorporating a production coordination program, calculation of net requirements, and an overall production management function.


When it comes to process manufacturing, Sage X3 Manufacturing Management software is designed to support process manufacturers to achieve greater product and process consistency, while improving the ability to satisfy increasing customer demand. In particular, the advanced planning and control capabilities of Sage Enterprise Management Process Manufacturing Management use real-time and historical information to help manage inventory levels and costs, optimize product mix, reduce waste, and shorten product development cycles.


The embedded manufacturing management capabilities of Sage Enterprise Management addresses the needs of your organization out of the box, including:

  1. Bill of Materials
  2. Formula and Recipes
  3. Work and Cost Center Management
  4. Routings
  5. Forward Backward Scheduling
  6. Replenishment and Inter-Site Transfers
  7. Order Release
  8. Quality Control and Manufacturing Analysis
  9. Product Analytical Accounting


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Sage Top Excellence Partner 2023 Asia, Sage Top Excellence Partner 2023 Hong Kong and Sage Top Excellence Partner 2023 Sage 300 (Asia)

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We will keep focusing on client value delivery by using the latest Sage technology, helping clients succeed in the ever-changing business environment.

Date: 5 Apr 2024
Data World Solutions Ltd. Celebrates the Go-live of Sage X3 for Fulum Group !
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Exciting News! Data World Solutions Limited recently celebrated the Go-live of Sage X3 for our valued customer, Fulum Group which is a leading Catering / F&B company.
This milestone marks a significant achievement in streamlining Fulum Group's business operations and driving growth.
We're proud of our team's hard work and grateful to Fulum Group for their trust and collaboration!
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Data World is one of Technology Service Providers selected for approved applications under the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

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The solutions (ERP, CRM, HRM, Cloud or Remote Solution) provided by Data World Solution Limited are all within the scope of TVP funding!


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