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We believe every organization, large or small, desires to have a complete and integrated management solution that fits for its most important asset and resource – its people.


DW-iHR is an end-to-end human resource management system (HRMS) suitable for organizations of all sizes from simple single-user single-office to complicated large organization environments with multiple locations in any industries. With industry-specific designs, DW-iHR is optimized to meet the unique HR management needs and challenges of various businesses. Making use of advanced internet technologies, DW-iHR is a completely web-based HR system that provides a secure and easy-to-use HR management platform for both employers and employees to work on anywhere, anytime.


Particularly Designed for Specific Industries
  1. Construction and Engineering
  2. Cleaning and Environmental Services
  3. Property Management
  4. Security and Guarding
  5. Medical Services
  6. NGO and Education
  7. Residential Care Home
  8. Retail
  9. Beauty and Care
  10. Hospitality


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HRM Challenges for Specific Industries
  1. Difficult to fully fulfill the Hong Kong employment regulations such as EAO(713) 、418 & Statutory Minimum Wage 
  2. Payroll calculation of multiple employments is complicated and error-prone
  3. Roster & Leave Management for field or site employees is extremely complicated due to salary variation of substitute employees under different contracts. Manual handling is time consuming and error-prone
  4. Payroll process is inefficient due to high volume of employee enquires and slow leave approval process. Time consuming in data checking to ensure accuracy of payroll calculation
  5. No effective tools to analyze and evaluate current situation of HR management and staff costs
DW-iHR Solutions and Benefits
  1. Combined handling of roster and leave in one view
  2. Full compliance with HK Employment Ordinance , such as EAO (713) , 418 and Statutory Minimum Wage
  3. Support HK Government’s Standard Employment Contract(SEC), Attendance and Monthly Payroll Report
  4. Automatic Payroll and Back Pay calculation according to user-defined payroll policy settings
  5. Support the payroll calculation, roster and leave management of substitute employees as well
  6. Support integration with various attendance systems, accounting systems or Teleprotection and Post Reporting System
  7. Support single employee with multiple employments
  8. Effective talent management – user-defined portfolio of skill sets for position matching
  9. User-defined Report/Query Tools
DW-iHR Applications
Attendance Management

Flexible and User-defined Attendance Policy Setting

    1. Support integration with various attendance systems or Teleprotection and Post Reporting System
    2. Mobile app for capture of attendance details (sign-in/sign-out, photo, GPS)
    3. Flexible attendance policy settings to meet corporations-specific or organization-specific needs
    4. Automate calculation of OT and allowances
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Roster and Leave Management

Facilitate Roster Planning & Leave Approval Workflow

  1. Make rosters easy to manage via importing or exporting data from Excel
  2. Unlimited user-defined leave types and approval workflow
  3. Automatic alerts /email reminders for responsible staff to facilitate and speed up management approval
  4. Simple calendar-design user interface provides a clear view of staff leave status
  5. Support the substitute staffing management of employees working in various location on the same day
  6. Support roster and leave management for substitute staff

  7. Support monitoring and controls of the Minimum Staffing Requirements as required by the Residential Care Homes (Persons with Disabilities) Ordinance for different types of RCHDs and the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Ordinance for different types of RCHEs

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Payroll Management

Support Multiple Payroll Trials with Detailed Reports

  1. Automatic payroll compensation adjustment in compliance with HK Employment Ordinance,such as EAO (713), 418 and Statutory Minimum Wage, etc.
  2. Automatic payroll calculation of substitute employees according to different contracts
  3. Support Back Pay calculation for salary review
  4. Unlimited payroll trials and multiple cut-off payroll  calculation in the same pay period
  5. Detailed payroll breakdown report with roster and leave information for effective record tracking
  6. Support funding and cost allocation

  7. Automatically calculate the salary based on Pay Scale
  8. Support the calculation of gratuity
Staff Management

Support Multiple Contract and Employment Types

  1. Multi-company, multi-contract and multi-employment - support an employee to be employed under multiple employments and/or contracts
  2. Support hourly, daily, full time and part time employment types
  3. Centralized database and document management center
  4. Unlimited user-defined fields
  5. Effective talent management– user-defined portfolio of skill sets for position matching
Staff Self-service Portal

Minimize HR Workload

  1. Fully and truly web-based design and support various browsers, such as IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.
  2. Portal allows individual employees to apply leaves and check their own information such as personal profile, leave balance and approval status anytime, anywhere.
  3. Support delivery of pay slip via the portal or email
  4. Support different kinds of expenses claims (e.g. medical, transportation, meal, allowance, etc.)
Reporting System

Flexible and User-defined Reports and Analysis

  1. User-friendly report/query tools – allow users to define their own reports
  2. Support integration with Excel and BI tools
  3. Strong multi-level security control protects sensitive data from unauthorized access or retrieval in accordance with the user-defined security policy settings
  4. Support MS Word Mail Merge function
  5. Support HK Government’s Standard Employment Contract(SEC), Attendance and Monthly Payroll Report
Taxation Management
  1. Generate HK Tax Return IR56B, E, F, G and M reports
  2. Support multiple taxation companies
MPF Management
  1. Comply with Hong Kong MPF regulations
  2. Support different user-defined MPF policies for each company
  3. Generate MPF contribution reports and advises for MPF trustee and employees
  4. Support ORSO handling
Recruitment and Training Management
  1. Track and maintain records of job applicants/ candidates for recruitment purposes
  2. Track and maintain job vacancy and recruitment activities
  3. Search and identify right candidates who match user-defined job requirements or other search criteria
  4. Manage training courses and attendance
Business Intelligence
  1. 360∘ view of your HR with multi-dimension analysis
  2. Out-of-box HRM OLAP cubes, analysis tools (e.g. Excel Pilot Table, MS Analysis Services, etc.)
  3. Comprehensive sets of HRM operation reports and alerts
  4. User-defined reports and analysis
Security Controls and System Administration
  1. Multi-level security controls (by user and password, function and operation, and employee record access)
  2. Keep track of all record changes and user activities/actions  in event logs for audit trail purpose
Brochure Download
DW-iHR HRMS Brochure (English version) PDF - 5.5 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Beauty and Care (English version) PDF - 2.3 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Cleaning (English version) PDF - 2.5 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Construction and Engineering (English version) PDF - 2.4 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Hospitality (English version) PDF - 2.3 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for NGO (Chinese version) PDF - 919.3 KB
DW-iHR HRMS for Residential Care Homes (Chinese version) PDF - 2.6 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Property Management (English version) PDF - 2.4 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Retail (English version) PDF - 2.3 MB
DW-iHR HRMS for Security and Guarding (English version) PDF - 2.4 MB
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