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Challenges faced in Trading

The business environment for Trading Industry is constantly changing. Trading companies face increasingly global competition and growing complexity of supply chains. They also need access to real-time inventory data to drive proactive, responsive sales operations, make appropriate purchasing decisions, and minimize transportation costs. Our Solutions fully support the industry’s requirements, enabling you to manage all aspects of business operations more efficiently from purchasing, importing, warehouse and inventory, sales, accounting, to delivery and customer services.


Solutions for Trading
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Marketing

Win new business, retain and grow existing customer business

With CRM and e-Marketing, you can have end-to-end visibility of your sales and marketing activities and a single view of the customer across your organization. Open up new opportunities for growth with greater insight into business performance, better efficiency and productivity, and more effective communications.


You have the tools at your fingertips to find new customers, reduce sales cycles, and build lasting, more profitable relationships.

  1. Track your sales opportunities from lead generation to close.
  2. Exceed your customers’ expectations with outstanding customer service and support.
  3. Provide the customer care team with the ability to record customer queries/incidents which need to be followed-up
  4. Plan, execute, and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns with ease.
  5. Enable your workforce to access customer information anytime, anywhere with mobile access.
  6. Reduce duplication of data and work by giving employees a means of updating a single, central database.
  7. Make more informed business decisions by providing managers a better view of your business and of customers.


Import and Purchase Management

Effectively Manage the Import Process 

Import and Purchase Management helps you manage and track imports on land, in the air, or at sea. With full visibility into your imports, you can consolidate, track, and manage multiple purchase orders and shipments to reduce container loads and vessels to save time and money, as well as provide outstanding customer services. With our solutions, you could get full visibility for a more streamlined and efficient import management process.


Inventory and Warehouse Management

Optimize Inventory Management; Streamline Warehouse Picking Process

Inventory and Warehouse Management gives you the real-time inventory numbers you need to make informed day-to-day decisions. The software maintains highly accurate figures for quantities on hand, on order, and available to sell. Traditionally, companies prints invoices, then picks up orders directly from the documents. The process is time-consuming and error-prone. Now, as orders come in, picking sheets are printed at the off-site warehouse. There the order is picked, packed, shipped, and acknowledged within the application. Then the shipping notice is available to the account department for production of invoices. With our powerful platform, you can effectively process more orders each day with few staff.


Sales Management

Accelerate Your Sales

Sales Management delivers a comprehensive suite that enables you to produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill perfect orders that ensure world-class satisfaction. By streamlining the sales process with centralized access to product, pricing, and customer information, order can be generated with a minimal number of steps. Sales Management automates and improves labor-intensive processes for quoting, proposal generation, configuration and order entry, enabling you to improve sales productivity by increasing accuracy during the quote and order processes, and identifying the right solution to meet customers’ needs.


Accounting and Financial Management

Comprehensive Accounting and Financial Management

The financial Management helps businesses succeed by accurately presenting valuable financial information in a clear, understandable format. The powerful financial tools help you manage your company’s complex finances. Features include full multicurrency capability, powerful bank reconciliation and tax reporting, flexible transaction processing options, powerful management of fiscal periods and informative dashboards for analytical reporting.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Boost Productivity with Intelligence Profitability Dashboard and Analytics Reporting

Detailed reporting is another asset for the distributor. Business Intelligence (BI) enables you to quickly identify the profitability of customers, products and salespeople based upon weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual time frames. This helps your company view meaningful graphics for faster decision making, meet customer demand by focusing on high-volume products and quickly pinpoint top-performing salespeople and trend lines.


Human Resource Management (HRM)

We believe every organization, large or small, desires to have a complete and integrated management solution that fits for its most important asset and resource – its people. DW-iHR is an end-to-end human resource management system suitable for organizations of all sizes from simple single-user single-office to complicated large organization environments with multiple locations in any industries. DW-iHR provides you a full suite of powerful, reliable, scalable and integrated HRM solutions that fits your own HR management practice to effectively manage personnel, employment, contract, leave, attendance, roster, payroll, MPF and taxation in compliance with local employment regulations by streamlining and optimizing your HR management processes and workflows. With industry-specific designs, DW-iHR is optimized to meet the unique HR management needs and challenges of various businesses.


DW-iHR Modules:

  1. Staff and Employment Management
  2. Company and Contract Management
  3. Payroll Management
  4. Recruitment and Training Management
  5. MPF and Taxation Management
  1. Leave Management
  2. Attendance and Roster Management
  3. Staff Self-Service Portal
  4. Security Controls and System Administration
  5. Business Intelligence
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