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Professional Services (CPA, Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory…)

Challenges faced in Professional Services (CPA, Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory…)

Cost Management is one of the most important aspects for Professional Services. In Professional Services industry, accounting personnel often struggle to keep their expense and timesheet details organized and spend up lots of their time inputting data into the accounting system. Sage 300(Accpac) for Professional Services can ensure the data remains current without tedious data entry by accountant, as well as help you manage your projects, resources and finances on time and on budget.

By providing web and mobile based Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal, employees are allowed to take care of their own expenses or time reports on the ESS Portal.

Taking advantage of the seamless integration with Sage 300(Accpac), the documents approved in ESS can flow to Sage end for reimbursement, project cost updating and etc.


Solutions for Professional Services (CPA, Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory…)
Accounting and Financial Management

Take the complexity out of managing your financials
Comprehensive accounting and financial management

  1. General Ledger (GL)
  2. Accounts Payable (AP)
  3. Accounts Receivable (AR)
  4. Bank Reconciliation
  5. Check and Form Printing
  6. Multicurrency Support
  7. Consolidated Financials across Multiple Companies
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Travel and Expense Management

Increase control on expense and visibility, accelerate the expense reporting and reimbursement process. Allows you to track, analyze, and control employee travel expenditures.

  1. Travel Request
    (For accounting: pre-spend control; for employees: cash advances request)

  2. Expense Tracking
    (Submit expense claim via web portal or mobile;
    Trip details and costs can be automatically imported into expense report)

  3. Budget Control
    (Approvers can make right decision based on the budget information)

  4. AP/ GL/ Project and Job Costing (PJC)/ Payroll Integrated
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Timesheet Management

Capture and control employee’s time spent on task, projects in real-time. Empower you to manage time tracking for your billing and payroll easily.


  1. Timesheet with Standard & Clock-in / Clock-out mode
    (Clock in/out time can be tracked accurately against the project and passed through the accounting system for billing purposes)


  1. Leave and Overtime (OT) Management
    (You can define how the leave hours will be accrued and set the OT rate)

  2. Payroll / Project and Job Costing (PJC) Integrated  
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Project and Job Costing (PJC)

Keep projects on schedule and on budget with flexible estimating, tracking, and project billing in Sage 300(Accpac). 

Effectively manage projects and track job costs

  1. Control project costs.
  2. Manage contractors and subcontractors.
  3. Track costs and revenue down to the finest details on every project.
  4. Track and monitor original projections and actuals. All costs, payables, and receivables can roll up to each area of the project. Overhead, equipment, and materials are allocated to ensure the project is on time and on budget.
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Project Scheduling and Resources Planning

Gantt chart based scheduling tool helps you quickly build your project, task and milestones with ease. Gain insight into how resources are allocated.


  1. Graphical Gantt Chart View
  2. Personal & Team Calendar
  3. Actual Labor Cost vs Estimated Labor Cost
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Powerful Workflows

Help your company to automate the process and provide complete audit trail to trace the approval status in real time.

  1. Unlimited Levels of Approval
    (e.g. line managers, project manager, a specific person or group of person etc.)

  2. Standard Workflows
    (Travel Request, Expense Approvals and Reimbursements, Purchasing, Timesheet, OT & Leave Requests etc.)

  3. Conditional Based Workflow
    (Based on specified criteria, such as the purchase total and expense amount.)

  4. Custom Workflows based on Your Business Needs

  5. Alerts and Notifications
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Web and Mobile Based Employee Portal

Intuitive and user friendly User Interface (UI) for employee to easily claim expense or submit timesheet report and purchase requisition form via web portal. Managers can also make real-time approvals using tablets or smartphone. 

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End-to-End Industry-specific Solution

Data entered by employees in Expense Report, Timesheet, Purchase Requisition and etc. through Web Portal or Mobile Devices flows instantly and accurately to the accounting system which eliminates the duplicate data entry in the accounting side. After the documents are approved by the managers or stakeholders through the Employee Self Service portal, you will find the accounting data auto-generated in the Sage 300(Accpac), back office staff such as accountant and procurement specialist don’t have to re-enter the data, and they can simply follow up the reimbursement via A/P, bill the customer with the work hours through Project and Job Costing or the Purchase Requisition in Purchase Order, the project cost will also be updated with the expense and labor hours if you have the Project and Costing integrated with Sage 300(Accpac) for Professional Services.

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