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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP + CRM)

In today’s data driven world, a successful business is one that can analyze information with the intelligence to anticipate and respond to customer needs in real time. That is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in. With the power of the intelligent Microsoft Cloud, it seamlessly unifies CRM and ERP capabilities along with the productivity applications to enable you to identify and capture new opportunities. With Dynamics 365, all key parts of your business are connected. You are empowered to collaborated across geographies, have the insight to make critical decisions, take advantage of new trends, disrupt, adapt and re-imagine what’s possible.


Dynamics 365 enables you to transform your business for the digital age, giving you the ability to innovate quickly, move new products to market, develop meaningful relationships and win new business virtually any time, anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together the best of Microsoft technology, connects you to what matters, unlocks new opportunities and moves you forward like never before.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Benefits

Turn relationships into revenue
Today’s customers are more informed and have higher expectations than ever before. Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365 for Sales, enabling you to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.

Unify sales and marketing to connect customer experiences
Bring your marketing content, data, and processes together with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud—to deliver engaging customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Earn customers for life
Improve customer service through a single, unified experience that delivers end-to-end service across every channel—earning customer loyalty and empowering agents.

Engage your customers with intelligent insights
Understand your customers to better engage them through intelligent insights. Using Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Azure, transform your data into timely and relevant information, inferences, and predictions that help your business succeed.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Applications
Finance and Operation Management (Enterprise Edition)

Financial management
Transform your business performance
Create more efficient processes, deliver robust reporting and analytics, and ensure regulatory compliance across 34 countries, in 60 different languages.

  1. Decrease time to value and facilitate faster, more confident decisions using role-based workspaces with embedded analytics
  2. Adapt to changing business requirements by tailoring chart of accounts, dimensions, and rules
  3. Provide checks and balances using process automation, encumbrance, budget planning, budget control, and three-way matching
  4. Efficiently track values and reduce reporting errors by automatically managing capitalized assets
  5. Meet public sector requirements for encumbrance and budgeting

Work smarter with connected operations
Bring agility and efficiency to your manufacturing by using an integrated solution that optimizes production planning, project management, operations and activity scheduling, and cost management.

  1. Create your ideal manufacturing mix and support your manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain
  2. Optimize manufacturing principles for each product family, including make to stock, make to order, pull to order, configure to order, and engineer to order
  3. Accelerate your manufacturing material and finished goods flow with advanced warehouse management, handheld scanner support, and transport management
  4. Optimize scheduling across the organization with a unified resource model and scheduling engine
  5. Improve product quality and output by identifying and resolving issues through real-time insights


Supply chain
Streamline your supply and demand
Digitally transform your supply chain with advanced warehouse and inventory management to optimize visibility and fulfillment, product insights, material sourcing, and integrated logistics.

  1. Optimize fulfillment and reduce costs by synchronizing commerce across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes
  2. Enable faster response to customer demand by seamlessly orchestrating order-to-cash processes
  3. Streamline procurement costs and gain more control by automating procure-to-pay processes
  4. Get insight and control across all sites and warehouses
  5. Automate prospect-to-cash processes by integrating with Dynamics 365 for Sales


Cloud services
Roll out powerful and flexible ERP tools
Get real-time information on almost any device. Simplify and accelerate business process changes, seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, simplify global compliance, and scale elastically.

  1. Get flexible cloud and on-premises deployment options that comply with industry regulations and use datacenter investments
  2. Enable rapid business transformation
  3. Cost-effectively support your IT needs
  4. Grow at your own pace
Finance and Operation Management (Business Edition)

Financial management
Take the hassle out of managing your finances
Streamline your financial close and get real-time visibility into the performance of your business. Easily share your information in a secure manner with an accountant or bookkeeper and gain more control over your budgets and cash flow.

  1. Apply incoming payments directly to the related customer and mark invoices as paid to automatically reconcile accounts
  2. Get recommendations on when to pay vendors to take advantage of vendor discounts or avoid overdue penalties
  3. Add tags to entries for quicker categorization and analysis
  4. Improve your organization’s ability to develop, modify, and control budgets

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Inventory management

Streamline your supply chain
Increase visibility across your entire supply chain to reduce inventory costs and keep customers happy. Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what you need to replenish, ensuring inventory levels are maintained to avoid shortages and lost sales.

  1. Get a detailed view of your inventory—regardless of its location
  2. Offer customers items that you don’t maintain in inventory
  3. Post a sales credit memo and manage customer refunds
  4. Avoid lost sales by offering substitute items when requested items aren’t available


Manage your sales cycle more efficiently
Shorten the time from quote to cash by connecting your sales and accounting. Act quickly on sales-related enquiries right from Outlook. Easily handle multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses per customer, including direct shipment and invoicing addresses.

  1. Post sales right from Outlook, then send your invoices as PDF attachments that include a PayPal link to expedite payments
  2. Get a complete overview of interactions and track current customer status, from email to order to invoice
  3. Negotiate and keep track of special agreements with individual customers, including discount structures
  4. Prioritize leads based upon revenue potential and opportunities throughout the sales cycle


Automate and secure your purchasing process
Monitor and control your purchasing process through automated workflows and dynamically updated inventory levels. Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases by implementing approvals, plus modify a posted invoice in your financial management system and register the correction without hassle.

  1. Create purchase invoices and orders to record the cost of purchase and track accounts payable
  2. Stay in control of expenses by implementing advanced workflow and approval structures
  3. Automate tasks for vendors to record your agreements concerning discounts, prices, and payment methods


Reporting and analytics
Get a complete picture of your business
Centralize your financial management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions for an up-to-date, end-to-end view of your business. Make faster, more informed decisions when you’re guided by connected processes, predictive analytics, and real-time data.

  1. Make fast, informed decisions with seamless Microsoft Excel integration
  2. More easily track your KPIs by creating your own analyses on general ledger data
  3. Chart your business’ performance in real time on your dashboard using built-in Power BI integration
  4. Accurately predict your cash flow using built-in Cortana Intelligence integration


Project management
Keep projects on time and under budget
Perform common project management tasks and get all the data you need to help manage budgets and monitor progress. Track machine and employee project hours using timesheets, and access real-time data on available resources, such as employees and machinery.

  1. Create, manage, and track customer projects with sophisticated job costing and reporting capabilities
  2. Manage usage levels and profitability of resources by planning capacity and sales
  3. Develop, modify, and control budgets to avoid over-expenditure


Operations - coming soon
Manage and optimize your supply chain
Streamline your operations and make smarter decisions by taking advantage of integrated manufacturing, warehousing, and service management.

  1. Stay on top of warehouse inventory by tracking every item transaction or movement
  2. Get quality products to market more efficiently with visibility across your entire production process
  3. Deliver reliable service to your customers by tracking existing service agreements
Field Service Management

Optimized scheduling

Get the right resources to the right place at the right time

  1. Easily schedule resources manually, with recommendations, or automatically
  2. Identify and organize available field service resources by category to create a smarter workload and resource balance
  3. Match skill sets of the technician against the work requirements
  4. Take geography, availability, truck inventory, regulatory requirements, customer preference, and service level agreement into account

Contract management

Increase customer satisfaction and account for all service revenue

  1. Use recurring service templates to pull in work schedules and pricing to simplify the quoting process
  2. Manage recurring service appointments with flexible billing options
  3. Win more business by proactively engaging leads from contact to contract

Inventory management

Have the right resources on every call

  1. Improve first-time fix rates with accurate allocation of parts
  2. Manage inventory information for any part of the transaction, including return material authorizations, stock adjustments, and stock transfer
  3. Track service stock accurately at mobile or fixed locations to reduce write-offs
  4. Effectively forecast materials’ requirements

Mobile productivity

Improve field processes and technician productivity

  1. Offer your technicians access to a full 360-degree view of customer and case history
  2. Improve work consistency and first-time fix rates by offering technicians step-by-step guidance
  3. Provide mobile workers with a multiday calendar of work order details that can be dynamically changed and managed
  4. Link work orders to customer and case history, product configuration installations, parts information, and pricing

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Connected Field Service

Lower costs by dispatching technicians only when needed

  1. Simple to configure and connect both new and existing customer assets
  2. Decrease number of repair appointments by dispatching fewer technicians
  3. Identify underperforming products by using field service software to look at aggregate device data
  4. Perform just-in-time preventative maintenance by understanding actual consumption

Customer communications

Put your customers at the center of every interaction

  1. Enable customers to see upcoming service appointments and view completed and open cases through a customer portal
  2. Send the real-time location of technicians to customers, along with arrival times, photo, and vehicle information
  3. Keep customers informed at each step of the process with automated text messages and phone calls
  4. Automatically escalate customer feedback for follow up when needed
Project Service Automation

Solution selling
Give your business development team a unified sales experience with professional services automation. Collaborate on both product-based and project-based opportunities using social insights. Make every customer conversation relevant and productive using a client-centric approach to finalize project scope and statements of work.


Project planning
Make it easy for your sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using templates. For professional automation services, this app also links to Microsoft Project, with its scheduling and management strength, to improve your project planning from estimation to completion. Self Photos / Files - Project Service Automation

Resource scheduling
Assign the best consultants to each project based on their skills, availability, and interest by unifying resources and scheduling. Optimize your resources across project service, customer service, and field service—and increase your consultants’ job satisfaction.


Mobile productivity
Give your team access to powerful and easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. With these apps, team members can select projects, update skills, manage schedules, enter time and expenses, schedule automation services, and collaborate using Office 365 higher productivity anytime, anywhere.


Time and expenses
Simplify time and expense management for your employees. Submitting information, assigning it to customers, approving it, and updating the project status are made easier with desktop, web, and mobile apps. Automation technology assists configurable process flows that ensure tasks go smoothly at every step.


Service analytics
Use real-time analytics to go from being reactive to proactive. Make it easier to identify actionable trends across your organization—from financials to operations to compliance to KPIs—using customizable dashboards and scoreboards.


Chart your path to organizational excellence
Self-assess your organization’s service maturity in 15 minutes or less with an industry-leading Professional Services Maturity Model. Compare your performance with that of your peers to help you compare, diagnose, and improve your own service execution.

Sales Management

Actionable insights
Focus and act on the right priorities

  1. Increase sales velocity by identifying prospects most likely to buy based on predictive intelligence
  2. Adapt to changing business requirements by tailoring chart of accounts, dimensions, and rules
  3. Know where to focus with insights that reveal relationship health and risk
  4. Spot buying signals, identify competitive threats, and keep a pulse on the market with social media
  5. Engage your customers in more personalized, effective ways through customer intelligence


Relationship management
Foster customer relationships through authentic, personal engagement

  1. Identify, understand, and connect with customers through social networks
  2. Engage through sharing of personalized and relevant content
  3. Build trust with continuous insights and recommendations based on actual customer needs
  4. Easily grow and maintain your one-to-one customer relationships—at scale—with unified data and systems

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Sales productivity

Spend more time selling and less time on administration

  1. Work anytime, anywhere with familiar, intuitive productivity tools, such as mobile apps that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows
  2. Know what steps to take next to close deals faster by using process automation and a guided sales process
  3. Recruit, onboard, and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation


Sales performance
Create a culture that nurtures success

  1. Get answers fast using dashboards, contextual charts, and Power BI Q&A for natural language queries
  2. Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real time
  3. Ease onboarding and align sales behavior through sales management software and interactive help and documentation
  4. Energize everyone on your sales team with fun and exciting competitions through gamification
Marketing Management

Campaign orchestration
Connect sales and marketing
Creating a seamless customer experience starts with well-connected tools. Unify your sales and marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365 for a complete view of your customer.

  1. Deliver consistent messaging between sales and marketing
  2. Increase retention rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase close rates
  3. Drive revenue and marketing ROI with campaign management tools

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Web experience foundation

Create better customer experiences on a secure and scalable digital foundation
Targeted, personalized digital marketing starts with a comprehensive web content management solution. By combining Microsoft Azure with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, you’ll deliver compelling customer experiences that drive your business.

  1. Manage content using dynamic marketing software on a platform that scales globally
  2. Create and deliver digital experiences faster
  3. Lower management and resources costs by using a single provider
  4. Rely on a platform that’s compliant with government, industry, and corporate standards
Customer Services Management

Omni-channel engagement
Connect with customers anytime, anywhere
Deliver the personalized, consistent service customers expect across their choice of device and channel—including social media.

  1. Use a unified platform for consistency and visibility across channels
  2. Get deeper insights with a 360-degree customer view
  3. Personalize interactions based on past interactions and behavior

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Self-service and communities

Help your customers help themselves
Make it easy for your customers to find answers on their own, as well as access a community space to connect with peers and subject-matter experts.

  1. Offer access to customer service anytime, anywhere
  2. Deliver real-time service that’s optimized for any mobile operating system and device


Agent enablement
Help your agents succeed through a single user interface
Give your agents the tools, guidance, and data they need to resolve issues.

  1. Support agents with a visual interface that delivers role-tailored experiences
  2. Manage cases faster and provide differentiated levels of support
  3. Speed resolution using machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities


Unified knowledge
Give agents and customers answers on the spot
Personalize content on the portal for customers and measure response impact through in-depth analytics.

  1. Deliver the right answers at the right time across channels
  2. Capture content from social media, service interactions, and experts
  3. Understand how your knowledge base is being used with rich analytics, helping you improve and add information based on customer needs


Digital intelligence
Be proactive with built-in digital intelligence
Enable predictive customer service using data analytics built into your customer service software.

  1. View real-time key service metrics through fully customizable dashboards
  2. Automatically detect sentiment and intent on social posts using built-in intelligence
  3. Resolve issues faster by using machine learning to reference relevant articles and cases
  4. Get quick insights to help identify trending issues
Customer Insights

Connect to all your data
Get a comprehensive look at your customers
Uncover insights by bringing all your customer data together—including Dynamics 365, Office 365, and third-party data sources—with the security and privacy you require.

  1. Access data with out-of-the-box connectors or custom integrations
  2. Easily compose data flows using Azure services
  3. Integrate profiles, KPIs, and predicted outputs with a Power BI desktop connector

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Resolve ambiguity
Match customers with activity
Fully understand the customer journey across channels by using contextual information and artificial intelligence that matches customers with previously ambiguous activities and profiles.

  1. Improve segmentation and predictions using inferences
  2. Infer high-confidence links and relationships between your data and known individual or organizational customers


Make smarter decisions
Predict business outcomes with predictive scoring
Guide your decisions and processes by applying artificial intelligence to predict outcomes across your business.

  1. Automatically create and deploy highly effective machine learning models for your specific needs
  2. Identify positive and negative influencers on business predictions to plan follow-ups and help anticipate risks
  3. Grade business predictions for better process integration and automation


Create rich visualizations
View the entire customer journey at a glance
Better understand the customer journey—individually or in the aggregate—by composing role-specific visualizations that bring together customer profiles, interactions, metrics, inferences, and predictions.

  1. Define the metrics that matter to you and keep them up to date
  2. Easily build visualizations and embed them into existing tools and business processes


Target specific audiences
Use marketing resources more efficiently
Identify and take advantage of marketing opportunities by creating granular customer segmentation based on transactional and behavioral data, inferences, and insights.

  1. Define dynamic segments based on a deep network of relationships
  2. Explore data visually to quickly find and access the data marketers need
  3. Use segments that are always up to date and based on complete customer journeys
Hire the right people, faster

Enable collaborative recruiting
  Customize your entire hiring process with Dynamics 365, plus the power of LinkedIn. Easily share candidate information from a centralized location with your hiring team.
Create an extraordinary candidate experience
  Ensure candidates are treated like very important people with an easily accessible portal that provides guidance and transparency every step of the way.
Empower hiring managers
  Enable hiring managers with visibility into candidate profiles, assessment tools, interviewer assignments, simplified interview scheduling, and mobile feedback.

Set up employees for success

Improve employee onboarding
  Welcome new team members with personalized onboarding checklists. Get administrative tasks done quickly, so you can focus on a memorable first day experience.
Accelerate impact
  Ensure employees stay focused on impactful priorities with a centralized location for resources, like videos, training, organization charts, and tips to navigate departments.
Establish key connections
  Create socialization opportunities and align new members with cross-functional teams with easily accessible contact information and team details.
Ensure talent success
  Monitor progress every step of the way, and easily replicate successful onboarding experiences with the ability to save guides as templates for specific roles.

Foster a culture of excellence

Facilitate employee feedback
  Provide ongoing feedback and reward high performers by turning performance into two-way conversation between employees and managers.
Gain performance insights
  View real-time performance dashboards and track accomplishments. Offer visibility through performance journals, real-time feedback, and goal management.
Align performance assessments
  Conduct collaborative performance reviews with the ability to offer feedback on active goals, rate competencies, and create career-path guides.

Fast track development and growth

Promote continuous learning
  Easily track employee accomplishments, ensure employees complete required certifications, and recommend additional training.
Tailor experiences by role
  Drive the next best action for professional growth. Clearly outline the skills and competencies required for advancement and promotion based on role.
Enable professional growth
  Empower employees to drive their career path with the ability to maintain detailed profiles that outline experience, skills, and competencies.

Drive operational excellence and impact

Maximize strategic impact
  Drive an agile, high-performance culture by automating routine HR tasks such as benefits, compensation, and leave and absence, so your team can focus on strategy.
Centralize employee profiles
  Create centralized employee profiles that highlight skills and experiences—using Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn data to get a 360-degree view of your people.
Minimize compliance risk
  Avoid costly fines and easily navigate regulations that govern the employment relationship and maintain HR compliance across your global organization.
People analytics
  Get the right insights for the right action to improve your workforce planning. Reduce reporting complexities to transform, analyze, and visualize your people data in rich dashboards available on any device.Self Photos / Files - Talent-800X450
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