Announcing Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) General Availability

EVA is now GA!

Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) is intelligence personified for Epicor systems across industries. Users will be empowered by the context-aware natural language processing (NLP) of EVA. With the EVA app, you interact naturally with your Epicor system. It is as easy as just talking or texting to a colleague.

This initial EVA release will run on Epicor ERP 10.2.400.2* or Prophet 21 2019.1.* The EVA app will run on iOS or Android devices including tablets.** EVA is available worldwide, in U.S. English to start.

*On-premises or in the cloud
**In a later 2019.1 patch release, EVA will also run as a chat panel in the P21 Web Application, as pictured below.

Why EVA?
Did you know that in a recent Gartner survey of 3,000 CIOs, “Artificial intelligence (AI) was by far the most mentioned technology and takes the spot as the top game-changer technology away from data and analytics”?Enter EVA and Microsoft® Azure™ AI Services. EVA solves problems today for Epicor customers and lays a strong foundation for intelligent technologies that will integrate with their Epicor system. This first release of EVA will accelerate the pace of business and responsiveness to customer inquiries. Given both the interest in AI plus the pragmatic approach of this first release, we believe EVA is an added opportunity to sell Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 to new accounts and to generate leads within our customer base, as EVA will be an incentive for Prophet 21 and Epicor ERP customers to get current on the latest release of their software and also an incentive to migrate to the cloud.

1Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Survey of More Than 3,000 CIOs Reveals That Enterprises Are Entering the Third Era of IT”, October 16, 2018,


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